Today will be either good or bad and the only thing to do is try not to make it worse. Even the worst days will come to an end and a day will never last more than 24 hours. But today is also a story you alone can write. You can stay in bed all day, or you can get up, put on your doc martens and eyeliner and try to do something good. Scream and cry but stop giving up. You owe it to no one but yourself to pursue life. You are not Winona Ryder or Daria or Enid Coleslaw or, sadly, Joan Jett or Sylvia Plath. Sadness is not beautiful. No one will save you. The world does not care. There is no divine consolation. Life is not a movie. Not everything makes sense. Most things are unfair. Many people hate you and many others don’t care which is sometimes worse. Try to do the following today: breathe, speak, read, exist, think, move, look, connect, talk and create. Don’t panic. If it won’t matter in a year, forget it. If it will, deal with it. Give people hell if need be. There are no mistakes, no failures. Tomorrow will always be there, as will yesterday. Today is what matters right now.

““““““““““““““““““““““““ (by skye horgan)





this is the best thing ever. when he knows everything about you - your naked body, naked soul - and still loves you more than anyone else.

I like the thought of someone trusting me with all of themselves.

i am in love with this picture

cuddling naked is actually the best

This picture.

id love that

Cropped it //


Teens at a coffee shop. Port Jefferson, NY (1956) © Eve Arnold

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