my best friend has become a blade and my broken parts have become stains on sheets and i just need to find a bit of peace.

a list of ways to say goodbye.

one: the first day my skin met yours god realized jesus was his one and only regret.
two: if i could untangle all of the veins in my chest, if i could make them stop strangling every last molecule of love i have left in my body, you would see the last words you spoke to me fall out of their crippled noose like teardrops.
three: will she ever love you enough to give you her lungs?
four: when she screams “fuck me” before she comes i hope you hear me screaming “fuck you” the night you walked away.
five: i write words and stare at the letters. the arrangement of letters is a puzzling thing to me, the way these same letters that can hold so much hate towards you once held the same amount of love.
six: they say time heals all. well why didn’t they ever fucking tell me what happens when i have a broken watch?
seven: i made the stars fall out of the sky like they were the moons teardrops for you on the 31st night of lying in bed alone. you didn’t see it because you were catching her tears in your bed instead.
seven: you will still walk the same streets that i do from time to time and i hope you see a footprint that looks like mine and realize it belongs on your throat.
eight: i kept a book of every promise you said you’d always keep. i ripped all of those pages out and they should be arriving on her doorstep any day now.
nine: you are nothing but a tragic, rusty, chipped nail. you are the nails that pin me to this cross. your palms once fit into mine but now there’s only holes from these stab wounds.
ten: i thought about the time you said you’d never leave and it knocked the air you inhaled into my lungs the last time you kissed me right out. it hit me so hard two ribs broke. it was a tuesday.


L7, Hole, The Breeders & PJ Harvey about the “Riot Grrl” movement.






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